Daddy s Girl
by Princess Anabelle
I had a great day today. I was at the mall and there was this older man about say 45 or so checking me out. He kept looking at me and I was flirting and acting as sexy as I could. Well the next thing I know we are back at his place and he is ramming me with his 10 inches of man stick. IT WAS GREAT. ...
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A Teen Slut for Anything Goes Phone Sex
by Family Fun Teen Felicity
When you close your eyes to imagine Anything Goes Phone Sex, what is it that you see? Do you see a innocent little teen at your door, trying to sell you tickets to the local high school football game? All dressed up in her cute, short Cheerleading uniform. It feels like she is teasing you, doesn'...
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Barely Legal Phone Sex with Felicity!
by Family Fun Teen Felicity
You are looking for a real young thing to enjoy some Barely Legal Phone Sex with aren't you? Come call and play with me! We could have a hot little role play, just listen to my sweet young voice while I am on the phone with you. Think of my tight little body and all the dirty things you want to...
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Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex
by Vicki Vixen
Your balls look like their aching, probably because I haven't let you cum for 2 weeks now. Your blue balls and suffering amuse me and make me laugh. Well here comes the punch line to your 2 week long wait, I'm going to make you jerk off and ruin your orgasm for you, especially after edgi...
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Femdom Phone Sex
by Vicki Vixen
Hello there horny perverted lookers. I'm Vicki and I'm a femdom phone sex mistress!I love making guys do naughty things, whether it be public humiliation, sissy humiliation or dress-up time (sometimes even both) and forced bi phone sex stuff as well.Teasing and I guess lightly tormenting ...
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Sissy Strapon Time
by Vicki Vixen
The perfect place for a little weak-willed, pencil dicked, sissy like you, is to be on your knees and willing to do anything I command of you. First I might command you to suck on my feet, or my dirty panties, or best of all my big black thick strap-on dick. Sure, you might put up a little bit of...
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SPH Phone Fun
by Vicki Vixen
I know the sight of me makes you hard, but what I want you to do is reach down into your pants and tell me what you feel. Is it the size of a mini-lighter, is it the size of a Tic-Tac box, is it smaller than 8 inches? If you answered any of these questions with a yes, you aren't man enough f...
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Does Size Matter?
by Cock Teasing Courtney
I had this guy ask me,"Does size matter?" And I always tell them it does,because it does to me and decided to the question a bit more by asking my friends. I didn’t want to be lying to you guys! Women front just like men do so I decided to ask them more intimately and the answer was still a unanimou...
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Naughty School Girl Phone Sex
by Sugar Baby Gabby
Are you a Naughty Sugar Daddy? You have been having some very Taboos thoughts lately haven’t you. Yes you see I’m your next door neighbor, yes I’m the cutie school girl you have watching. But see you cant get up the courage to talk to me, cant you. I am a spoiled rotten brat princess. I will have to...
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Cuckold Party Time
by Karla
If you are in the mood for cuckold phone sex, you are most definitely in the right place. It’s one of my favorite fetishes and that’s not just because I like to fantasize about. I mean, I do… but it’s something that I have experienced in re...
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