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Sissy Slut Party Time May 20, 2016

What did you bring to the party today sissy? I'm not meaning party favors actually, but I'm talking about what you brought to wear, or maybe something to prepare for whats in store for a sissy slut phone sex party.
Dressing you up in something slutty and letting you get intoxicated will definitely get you in the right headspace, to let your inhibitions go, and will let your full on girly sissy slut self out. Before you know it you'll be blowing 2 guys at once and craving something huge and hard up your willing and able sissy-boy slut ass.If a sissy party where you're the center of attention, sounds like a great idea, then come give me a ring and you can finally unleash your sissy slutty self!

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CEI Phone Sex - Eat Your Cum Now Apr 25, 2016

If you weren't looking for cei phone sex you would've never come around here, and you certainly wouldn't be popping a stiffy right now either. I'm going to get your week off right, and how you're going to achieve that is by following my instructions correctly, and when the time comes (or cums) you're going to take the kinky plunge, and you're going to bust your nut, and you're going to eat your cum!
Eating your cum isn't all that difficult to do, just getting yourself mentally is the hard part, and it's a lot easier to enjoy cei phone sex when a hot bossy girl is telling you to do it,

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SPH Phone Fun Apr 18, 2016

I know the sight of me makes you hard, but what I want you to do is reach down into your pants and tell me what you feel. Is it the size of a mini-lighter, is it the size of a Tic-Tac box, is it smaller than 8 inches? If you answered any of these questions with a yes, you aren't man enough for me!
Sure you might want to label me as some kind of size queen, but many women will tell you the same. If you don't have the meat, you aren't much, if anything, of a man!
Well you can always be good for a decent chuckle, or to be laughed at and scorned, for your lack of manhood, or ya know you're always good for me to laugh at you on the phone during a thrilling sph phone sex call. I don't mind setting you straight with the size of your dick, and I'm brutally honest.
Don't worry baby, your dick isn't big enough to fuck anything, but at least it's great to point at and laugh!

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Sissy Strapon Time Mar 08, 2016

The perfect place for a little weak-willed, pencil dicked, sissy like you, is to be on your knees and willing to do anything I command of you. First I might command you to suck on my feet, or my dirty panties, or best of all my big black thick strap-on dick. Sure, you might put up a little bit of a struggle as I force my strap-on deeper into your throat, but you have to learn to suck on a cock at some time. Because the next step after breaking you in, and humiliating you with my strappy, is to turn you out into the wild to find a real dick to suck on, and of course your first experience on getting a mouth full of cum, or a face full of jizz.
I enjoy taking weak men and transforming them into sissybitch boys willing to suck and fuck cock for me.

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Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex Jan 11, 2016

Your balls look like their aching, probably because I haven't let you cum for 2 weeks now. Your blue balls and suffering amuse me and make me laugh. Well here comes the punch line to your 2 week long wait, I'm going to make you jerk off and ruin your orgasm for you, especially after edging you for a long time, and making sure your balls ache extra hard.

Ruining orgasms is one of the many types of phone sex games I play, and it's certainly one of my favorites, but also edging, financial domination, cei, and other fun things are on that list.
Find out how it feels to have your balls ache and your mind race when you call

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Femdom Phone Sex Jan 08, 2016

Hello there horny perverted lookers. I'm Vicki and I'm a femdom phone sex mistress!
I love making guys do naughty things, whether it be public humiliation, sissy humiliation or dress-up time (sometimes even both) and forced bi phone sex stuff as well.
Teasing and I guess lightly tormenting men is so much fun for me, I love the game.
Often playing with phone sex sissies is the only entertainment I need!
What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give me a call and be connected to the feminization phone sex girl of your dreams.

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