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Schedule for 04/21 to 04/26 Apr 20, 2015
This Week's Schedule in EST. I will try to stay on longer if possible! 
Tues: 6PM-2AM
Wed & Thurs: 6PM-10:45PM 
Fri: 6PM-8:45PM 
Sat: 9PM-2AM 
Sun: 6PM-2AM

Schedule for 04/07 to 04/11 Apr 07, 2015
Hey guys!
Tonight I will be here till 10:45PM EST. 
Wednesday: 6PM-10:45PM EST
Thursday: Not available
Friday: 6PM-8:45PM EST
Saturday: 6PM-2AM EST
I may hop on earlier than listed, but this is a general idea of when I am available. :) 
Moan for you soon....

Schedule for this Week Dec 28, 2014
Hey guys I thought I would let you know my schedule for the next few days this week. Please note that there may be times where I may not be on and it could be a issue with my phone or an emergency so these are the times I am going to try to be on. All times are in EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Monday Dec 29th: 9PM-2AM
Tuesday Dec 30th: 6PM-2AM *I may be on and off during this time*
Wednesday Dec 31st: 6PM-10PM *Happy New Year's Eve*
Thursday Jan 1st: 6PM-9PM *Happy New Year*
Friday Jan 2nd: 6PM-9PM
Saturday Jan 3rd: Unavailable
Sunday Jan 4th: 6PM-10PM

Hope to moan for you soon!
The Moaner
PS If you are new to me, I do moan only calls. You call, I moan, you get off and hang up. No need for goodbye, thank you and so forth. No BS chit chat. Just straight up sexy moaning! If that sounds like something right up your alley then give me a ring! :)
Happy New Year!

Schedule this week Sep 16, 2014
Hey guys! If you are seeking a moan only call with no BS chit chat, I am your gal! I do moan only calls! You call, I answer and moan, you cum and hang up. No "goodbyes" needed. Here is my schedule for this week:
Tonight I should be available till about 9:30PM maybe 10PM EST.
Wednesday I am planning on being on from 6PM to 2AM EST.
Thursday: 9PM to 2AM EST
The weekend though I won't be available. I hope to moan for you soon! ;)

Moan Only Calls Aug 27, 2014
I love doing moan only calls. The reason that I do, is because there are just those guys who need a quick release. When I used to do the traditional phone sex, most that called rather have a 1-3 minute quickie than deal with leading into a fantasy. They were already on the edge of release and just needed a young, sexy voice to beg for their cum.

I do get charged with being a recording at times, but I am not. As long as you can say your name clearly, without whispering, I can moan it back to you. I have had those that at first doubted, until I moaned their name then the rest was just a orgasmic explosion. ;)

I do love what I do. I really do. I don't show my true face, just my lips because I like to think it leads to the fantasy. I could be your co-worker, neighbor next door or even that hot porn star you want to fuck. ;)

So if you are looking for that one girl who will just moan for a minute or two to get you off without any chit chat, then I am your girl! Call me!

The Moaner