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When In Doubt Suck A Dick Jan 13, 2015

Cuckolding fantasies and cocksucking role plays are becoming more and more common place, and the majority of my callers do adore having a dick in their mouth, maybe more than they would openly admit outside of phone sex. 

But I do still get the guys who - when they call - hem and haw, and can't or won't tell me what they want. In those cases I make it very simple: You're going to suck cock for me, and you're going to like it. 

Nine times out of ten, that guy who doesn't know what he wants, DOES actually know what he wants, and what he wants is a mouthful of penis! So why deny yourself? Call me up today and let's make your cock sucking fantasies come true. 

Golden Showers Make Me Flower Nov 09, 2013
I must admit, I enjoy the idea of pissing all over your face, chest, and cock. My hot golden juices dripping down every inch of your body, dripping from your chin and your open mouth as you gulp down my sweet nectar. And since I'm a dirty slut, I'd love to return the favor. So how about you call and tell me just how much you'd love to piss all over me and make me your little golden girl? 

Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasy Aug 22, 2013
We're at the beach and I'm wearing a hot, two piece string bikini with a thong back, working on my tan. You go for a swim in the ocean, and as you're coming back from the water, you spot a tall, well built, black man talking to me and flirting with me. Your mind is racing, wondering what's going on. Suddenly, I get up and follow him, disappearing into one of the empty bathroom/dressing rooms. You panic and follow to see where I'm going and exactly what I'm doing. As you get closer, you hear a voice, and loud moaning that sounds like your wife getting the cock of the century. Wanna know what happens next?

Wake Up Call Fantasy Phonesex May 20, 2013
I couldn't sleep in this morning because I was restless and kept tossing and turning. So I finally whipped out my vibrator and started to play with my pussy, thinking of you. That's right, I'm waiting for my fantasy phone sex caller to make all my dreams come true, and vice versa. I'd love to have a little erotic phone company this morning. Whether it's mutual masturbation, or you have something a little kinkier in mind, fetishes, fantasies, roleplaying, I'd love to hear your voice.

I need a good spanking May 16, 2013
Every time I think about you putting me over your knee and spanking my bare bottom, I get so wet. Just imagining you pulling my panties down, and slapping my naked ass until it's good and rosy, and I'm soaked between my legs and begging for your cock. Want to make my fantasy cum true?