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Submissive 18 year Old Dec 06, 2011
Well I started college at the age of eighteen and boy was this an experience for life. Was I a virgin? Was I struggling financially? Was I submissive? i will answer all these questions in a minute but while you wait maybe you know the answers to them already.

My professor was a bald headed muscular built 43 year old man that made my panties wet every time I sat in his class. He was my professor for English and boy did he have me in knots sitting in my chair.

He had the perfect kissable lips that made you just want to suck them and pull out his tongue and swallow it damn! Times were very hard for me in school especially when it came to buying books, food and participating in out door activities with the school.

My professor asked me about my finances and how he could help one day after school. He said his wife was beautiful and that was the only thing good about her. In the bedroom she was dead as a door knob and he would take care of me financially if I became his submissive oral slut.

I agreed to orally p[lease him after school with a mini skirt on with no panties. He knew I was a virgin and was not trying to take that away from me. After class he pulled the shade down to the door and locked it.

I took the mini out of my bag and put it on with no panties. He took his big fat cock out and made me get on my knees and deep throat all of his cock until I was gagging. My tiny ass and pussy was showing out of the mini and he would spank my bottom ever so gentle.

My pussy was so creamy and wet while sucking him off I would finger my pussy until I cum. He would pull my hair when he was cumming and I would swallow all of his cum and it really turned me on being his submissive oral slut.

After I swallowed all of his cum he would play with my wet pussy and make me cum back to back until I couldn't even walk out of there. He always made me cum at least five to ten times because he enjoyed the fact that I was a squirter.

Financially he pampered and spoiled me and I had no more financial worries while he was my professor. I had all new mini skirts, jewelry, lingerie, money and school supplies and trips paid for.

What a good deal for a barely legal 18 year old virgin like me. I would say yummy

Side of The Road Sex Dec 06, 2011
Out door sex with my tits out on the side of the road while the cars are passing by just drives me wild. I took my 44 d breasts out of my bra and pulled up my mini skirt while the cars were passing by. My lover cam behind me and stuck that 9 inch cock deep inside this clean shaven, fat, juicy wet pussy after sucking my pussy in the car.

The pussy was ready to be fucked and he just slid that fat piece of meat inside of me as I screamed while the cars came zooming by on the road. Oh baby you are making me cum so hard and he said oh yeah? I'm cumming too baby.

Wow it pays to wear a mini with no panties and a loose bra to let the boobs just hang out. He played with those big tits as he fucked me hard on the side of the big black jeep. He gently washed me off with baby wipes as we got back in the car with smiles on our faces

Older men Younger Men Who Is The best Dec 06, 2011
Even though young men have never cut it for me, older men have been the worse liars, manipulators, married and very hurtful to me. Unfortunately I am a single, hot, zesty woman that should be in a happy, healthy, relationship but I am not and have not been in one since 2007. The majority of the men that approach me are married, addicted to alcohol or drugs or lazy.

I will not settle for someone that is less then a man or half a man because I am a whole woman. You see once a woman knows what her true worth is then she does not have to settle for cookies and milk but instead wine and fine dining.

When two people first meet the attraction is so hot, the phone calls are so regular then all of a sudden it all stops. Things that made you smile, laugh and feel loved no longer exist. Older men younger men who knows which one is the best these days.