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Curious One Sep 24, 2012

I am a bit of a curious one, aren't I?  So I have been told by not just one of my callers, but a few of them actually.  I am a bit of a conversationalist, and enjoy asking simple questions of my callers.

I love getting to know you, even if you're a first time caller to me!  I love knowing your name, so please do tell me it, it does make it easier for me to remember who you are, and when I ask questions, it's also another way for me to remember you.  Usually it's something quirky that I associate with you.  I can't keep calling you "the man with the big dick" .  As much as I would like to, it would make it even better for the two of us on our next call if I can remember who you are!

I love the idea of you getting to know me just as well as I know you.  I want to be the conversationalist, and kinkster who makes your cock rock hard, and I would like to be able to say your name when I'm in mid orgasm, even if it has Master in front of it as I am coming all over your cock while you're fucking me over and over.  There is something even more intimate when we know each other on a more personal level.  Which is something I find so excruciatingly hot about Phone Sex, it's more than just fucking.  It creates a connection between two people, and I am always looking for more stalkers!

So when I'm being curious, please do indulge my curious ways.  I want to find out what makes you tick, what makes you feel so hard and horny for me, and well I can make it even better for you!  I really want to just use the information I gain from you to make your time with me even better!

Feedback Spotlight:

Marvelous...especially if you keep her waiting for a while. SO responsive and sexy.

Kinkster Kiwi Sep 23, 2012

Every so often, I will get a naughty idea that I can't get out of my head until I've masturbated thinking about it for a day or more, hehe. The idea I have in my head today is of one of my kinkier fantasies.  Let me tell you a little of how wet and ready to play it makes me.

I wake in the morning to find a note from my master and a set of clothes laid out for me. The note gave me the instructions to put on the clothes, which consist of fishnet stockings, a very tight black leather corset with garters to the stockings, wrist and ankle restrains, a collar and a blindfold. There are further instruction to pull my hair into a very tight ponytail, yes to the point of hurting. But remember, I'm a good sex slave, I've learned to get aroused from having pain inflicted on my willing body, so getting dressed up in my slut outfit, and pulling my hair as tight as I can into a ponytail only gets me wet and throbbing in the anticipation of being used as a sex toy.

After I get everything but the blindfold on, I'm under orders to take myself down into the play room master has set up in his house, put one of my vibrators in myself, turn it on low, kneel with my legs spread as far as I can get them and then put the blindfold on.  After I'm kneeling and blindfolded, the last thing the note told me was to put my hands behind my back, and wait for what ever master has set up to surprise me today. After what seemed like forever with that vibe torturing my slit, as the note did not say I was allowed to come, the door to the play room opened and I could hear master talking to someone.

"She's here, ready as I told her to be. Come look."

Hearing the footsteps of what had to be a group of at least 4 people enter the room where I was panting, quivering and doing my best not to come right then and there, my mind began to wonder what I had in store for me.

"Feel free to inspect the whore."

I heard Master say from behind me, as at least 5 pairs of hands began to roughly grope and probe me. Knowing I still did not have permission to come, move or speak, it was all I could do to keep from orgasming right there. I heard my gasps and whimpers and strange fingers found their way into my holes, probing, stretching, twisting and prodding, testing me, to see if I'd lose control. Determined to prove what a good sex slave I am, I fought against my urges and was able to keep from coming all over the fingers inside me.

"Candace, this is your reward for the last week of wonderful service." Master said, his mouth suddenly right next to my left ear.

"I'm leaving you in the service of this group of my friends, but I'm video taping to review your work later. Your job is to satisfy every single person in this room. What ever they decide to make you do, you cannot refuse them. You belong to them for the time being, don't disappoint me."  

And with that he left me, blindfolded to be used, stretched, and passed around by a group of horny people I'd probably never met. To be used as a toy to indulge and satisfy an unknown number of people until they were finished with me.

Got your attention? Call me and tell me what you would do if you were in that group.  Hehe.

Anything Goes Phone Sex! Sep 21, 2012

I love Anything Goes role-plays, where I can become anyone I want or you want me to be.  There is something so taboo about being a naughty babysitter, seducing you or you seducing your very innocent babysitter.  I remember babysitting and sometimes I would go through their cupboards, drawers and look around.

It's in our nature to be a snoop and I was never caught, even though that was in the realm of possibilities.  I often did babysit for a single father, and he was rather attractive and he would have been so very much more experienced than me.

Wouldn't you love to seduce an innocent babysitter?  Knock her up and have her as your dirty little secret.  I would love to be your dirty secret, and the innocent babysitter turned not so innocent.  Being seduced and used by a much older, and much more experienced man is such a huge turn on for me, and considered a bit of a Taboo in the real world, yet on the phone we can expand our horizons without consequences.  The other part of being naughty is the delight in being knocked up, and I have become quite fond of being knocked up.  Being able to role-play being 9 months pregnant, or even the night of conception is something wondrous and a huge turn on.

I would beg to be knocked up, to have you come inside my pussy and cause me to become pregnant, then having an ongoing role-play as each time we speak I gain a month or so to my pregnancy, and then we can start all over again.  I love the feeling of my belly swelling and my breasts filling up with milk, and I begin to lactate, and having you suckle on my breasts and tasting the milk is such a hot and huge turn on.  I never thought I would like it let alone love being a knocked up slut just for your lea sure, but I love it.  Being your bred whore is definitely something I want to continue to be!

Anything Goes Phone Sex gives us an infinite realm of possibilities and I would like to be the girl you experiment all of those possibilities with, to connect and enjoy whatever our minds can come up with!