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Cuckold Tried to Top Me Aug 20, 2020
Oh cuckie, don't ever try to top me. The last person I spoke to began the conversation with "I want you to gangbang..."

Really? You want Me to gangbang? First, I don't gangbang. I make you gangbang. I make you suck cock. I make YOU the slut. Yes, my cuck. A beautiful, clean Princess doesn't gangbang, she makes you do it.

I mean, I know you love sucking cock. There is no reason for you to deny it because it is who you are. You became a cuckold because you knew you weren't man enough to fuck me. And you're not. Why would I let someone who isn't quite a man tell me what to do? I don't even let those who are real men control me so cuck, you trying to control me is hilarious!

You know what to do. Kneel and open your mouth. Suck my lover's dick. I don't call him a Bull because he is my equal, but you can call him your Bull or your Master. Either way, you will still take orders from your Princess.

Such a good little cuckie Aug 19, 2020
You're such a good little cuckold. With the brightness in your eyes you look up at me and smile. You know what is coming next! You know that I am going to treat you badly and you expect that treatment. You anticipate my next move as the brightest moment of your day.

And why not, cuckie? You're my pet, my toy. I enjoy treating you badly. I so enjoy making you clean my house and cook my dinner after  I get off of work. I enjoy making you suck my lover's cock before he and I make love all night long.

What is your reward? Being a part of my life, my pet. You have the pleasure of paying my bills, watching me fuck my lover, and of course, enjoying that creampie you so crave.

You're one in a million, cuck. I'm pleased to have you serve Me. Call me. 888-242-7150 or buy one of my mp3's here on this site.

Cuckolding Phone Sex and MP3s Mar 03, 2017
Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I will be adding all of my mp3's here at APP. Unfortunately, it takes a little bit longer for approval than the other services, but I also tell you fictional, fantasy stories that others won't. Honestly, I don't see what the difference is from a work of fiction since we're all adults here, but it seems other sites are just a little too prudish.

It takes a few days for them to be approved, but I think you'll enjoy them all. Most of my mp3's are about cuckolding, sissification, feminization, tease & denial, pegging, forced bi, forced feeding, big black cock, and so much more fun. If you're really into all of the humiliation techniques that I enjoy dishing out then you are going to love listening to my MP3s.

My New Blog Mar 01, 2017
I know I haven't blogged in awhile. I decided to totally move my blog and my information to here at APP simply because I don't like the restrictions at the other sites. I suppose one day it might happen here, but for now it is fine.

Just a reminder though, even though I allow fantasy calls for forced bi, blackmail, forced feeding, etc I DO NOT do any type of incest calls, age play, etc. That is just not the type of business I would like to promote. I am sure there are others on the site who will happily do it. I will not.

If you want to talk to me about cuckolding and femdom, you can call me here or to bookmark my phone number in your address book use (888) 242-7150.

Cuckolding is the New Relationship Oct 13, 2015
Have you been dying to see your wife get fucked by another man, but you're too afraid to ask her to do it? Cuckolding is the latest craze of the past two decades and people are finally catching on--especially because some men just aren't man enough for their wives.

Sure, there are those who want to be "cuckolded" like a swinging couple and think they're all manly in the relationship. Then there are women like me who would never fall for such bullshit. If you're not man enough to please me sexually to the point where I need to be satisfied elsewhere then I'm the one who is going to be doing the swinging and you're the one who is going to be home sucking dick for Me.

The last guy who tried to give me orders on which guy to fuck ended up with his balls kicked up to his neck. I suggest you don't try this with me. I fuck around with whomever I want to fuck around with and it is your job to FLUFF him up!

On Your Knees Cuckold! Sep 28, 2015
You sit there with anticipation thinking you're going to get laid when you see my big black boyfriend walk in. He's tall, muscular and wearing only his boxers. Your eyes get wide as you stare at the huge bump in his skin tight boxer briefs.

Your skin tingles at the trace of my nails down your chest then your back. I whisper in your ear, "Isn't he huge?"

You nod, not knowing what to expect next. Am I going to fuck this huge monster in front of you, or is he just a casual friend stopping by?

My Bull walks over to us and I pull his cock out of his constrictive pants. You feel my hand press the back of your head until the force makes you lean forward. With the other hand I stroke his cock in front of your mouth.

"Suck it for me..."

Hey Cocksucker! Jul 24, 2015

Hey dirty cockslut, it's Cuckolding Princess Karin here. I want to turn you into my little faggot. Yes, fag boy, I want you on your knees sucking BIG BLACK DICK for me. I want your mouth bobbing up and down on that hard dick while he fucks your face for me.

Do it! Call me.

Are You Worthy Enough to be My Cuckold? Jul 08, 2015
cuckolding princessAre you worthy to be my cuckold? First you must have money. Poor men suck because they never have the money to please me. If you don't have the cash, I might toy with you and make you suck dick, but that's about all you get.

Second, you must be willing to do whatever I want you to. I mean EVERYTHING I want you to. You will be on your knees worshiping me and making sure that I am happy. You'll be fluffing up my latest boyfriend, watching us fuck, and when we're finished your eager mouth will be licking up that hot creampie. There is no alternative. You're either a cuckold or a bull. There is nothing in between.

Homewrecking Cock Control Dec 24, 2014

If your sex life with your wife is great now, it isn't going to be for very much longer! I do love controlling that cock of yours with my hypnotic voice and every time you call you can't get enough of my sensual tone. In fact, every time you think of Me and my beautiful voice, your dick gets hard and you can't think of anything, or anyone, else.

One day your cock just won’t work for your wife when she is hot and wet, and all that will be on your mind is Me–your Homewrecking Bitch. *smile* I want to destroy your whole world.

Worship My Feet Foot Boy Dec 13, 2014
I had the best foot worship session with my little <strong>cuckold boyfriend</strong> this morning. While I sat in my office throne taking cuckolding phone sex calls he took off my heels and started licking my feet all over. He sucked on my toes and ran his tongue along my arches. I pressed the balls of my feet against his face then chest and while he pampered my foot I stroked his tiny 3-inch cock with my other foot then switch feet and continued until he blew his load all over my toes and sucked it off.
Cuckold men are so easy to manipulate. Afterward he went and bought me a latte and a cream cheese pumpkin muffin with chocolate chips. What a good little pet!