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How does a wife become a slut wife? Nov 21, 2012

It can start so easy, with an experimental girl who wants to please her husband, although it was a surprise when he wanted a threesome with another man.
Consenting to fulfill my husband's fantasy of watching me with another man opened a lot of doors.
I loved being with other men, and I continued fucking big black cock, behind his back, making him a secret cuckold.
And although I wasn't one hundred percent sure he knew I was cuckolding him, he never objected to my creamy leaking jizz pussy, or that fact that I was obviously fucking other men.
And soon, my cuckold husband would do anything to hear about what I was doing with other men's cocks.
And that made my married life and cuckold life so much better, in every way.
He begged to hear all the details of my cuckold escapades, black on blond gangbangs, and he even went so far as to offer to get black cock for me to fuck.
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How does a girl become a slut wife? Jan 04, 2012

Cuckold Fetish Phonesex

Hey there, I'm Ava.

Ever since I can remember, I have been the kind of girl who is attracted to the forbidden.

Nice blond girls like me don’t mix with those kinds of boys.

Exotic boys.

You know, boys with big black cock.

So what’s a nice big busty blond girl to do?

Because, let’s be honest, girls like me want men for one of two reasons.

We either want a big fat cock, or a big fat wallet.

For me, the two never seem to go together.

So I began living the cuckold fetish lifestyle without even knowing there was a terms such as cuckold, cuckold wife, slut wife, or even cuckold phonesex.

Watching big black men working for my Daddy gave me plenty of dirty thoughts, and while I could smile and date the captain of the football team, late night, I was sneaking out to fuck the black members of the football team.

Before long, this big blond curvy girl had a little problem, and became a black bred white whore.

There’s so much more to how I became a cuckold wife.

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