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Hot COUGAR Warms You Up by the Fire Dec 05, 2014
It's a cold afternoon here again and there you are looking for some sugar, waiting at my front door for me to pour it in the cup. Why don't you come in from the cold and let me warm you up by the fire for awhile. You can sit down while I pour that for you and make you a nice, hot cup of tea.

Then you can stretch out while I kneel down beside you and start to take off your shoes and socks. I pull off your sweatshirt and then manage to pull your jeans down your legs. You don't need that sugar just yet, I see you staring at my nipples through my white tank top. My nipples are erect from the cold as you cup my breast in your hand and rub your thumb over my nub.

Your cock is SO HARD right now in your boxers and I pull them down over your erection. That 20-something beautiful cock stares at me and pushes near my mouth as I part my lips so slightly. Give it to me. You know what I want...

Mature Annie Loves a Hot Young Stud Dec 02, 2014
Oh baby, I love a younger man with a lot of stamina. I love the way you look at me when we're about to get real nasty and how your cock gets so hard and ready to fuck! I can last for HOURS with a younger man because he can take me for a really long, HARD ride with that delicious cock of his.
Are you ready for the phone fuck of your life, baby? I'm 56 and yet still with gorgeous tits and a nice firm ass. I know you'll love grabbing on to it while we fuck :) Call me! I'm Annie.