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Are you a voyeur ? Dec 18, 2015
I was lying in bed masturbating the other night. I had my blinds partly open because I like to stare out the window when I play with my pussy. I live on the fifth floor so I didn't think anyone could see in my window
I was just rubbing my clit and fingering away and about to cum really hard when I realized that someone in the apartment across from me was in the window. I had never seen anyone there before. I could see he was staring hard and that his pants were undone and he had this long thick beautiful cock in his hand.
I immediately threw the covers all the way back and opened my legs wide. I turned a little more sideways and grabbed my big red dildo from beside the bed. I licked and sucked on it first just to get him going and as he opened up the curtains a little more I thrust it in my pussy and fucked myself so hard that I squirted when I came. As I looked back at him I could see his cock squirting. Then he just smiled and waved and closed the curtains.
I was so turned on I decided to put on another show for him the next night and lo and behold as soon as I laid down and started to play I noticed him again.
I have decided I love the voyeurism and want to try it more maybe from another window. I would love to tell you all about it when you call.