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888 746 6372
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  • North America: 888 PHONEPAL (888-746-6372)
  • Australia: 1800625254 – An addition cost of 15¢ per talk minute will be added to cover the cost of this toll free number.
  • United Kingdom: 08000159737 - An addition cost of 10¢ per talk minute will be added to cover the cost of this toll free number.
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  • In the United Kingdom dial 0983 909 2200
Caller cost: £1.53 per minute VAT included from BT phones (plus network extras)
Other Networks (fixed and mobile) may charge a higher cost
Maximum line of communication: 19 min
The end-user should be the one who pays the bill or should have received a prior authorization before from the person who will pay the bill
The service is only for people over 18
Services offered by "KT Communications, Inc."
Customer Support number 0845 050 4380
All details of the call will appear in the phone bill
Gender Female
I Prefer Guys and Girls
Age 24
Race White
Body Type Lean
Cup Size A
Hair Shaved
Eyes Hazel
Weight 105
Height 5' 4"
Zodiac Cancer
More about me
I am a kinky little taboo phone sex slut that offers the hottest and most taboo phone chat. I have a super young voice, and can get into any age play that you prefer. What ever the ages, I can be that little slut for you! The idea of screwing my family members has always made incest phone sex a hot little role play for me. You can be my daddy, my uncle or my creepy grandpa that I seduce to doing everything I want. Doesn't the idea of teen phone sex make your cock throb. You probably see those young girls in the mall, with their skinny jeans and booty shorts. Probably makes you have to adjust your hardening cock doesn't it! I am telling you, there is no role play that I won't get in to... All you have to do is call me giggles and allow me to phone fuck you to orgasm!!
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Panty Fetish
Interests: I love going outside and getting dirty... Sometimes getting dirty involves a little four wheeling and mudding... and Sometimes it involves a little making out with my hot and horny friends ;)
Profession: I am a full time student and a full time kinky little phone fuck.
Favorite Movies: Anything by Nicholas Sparks of course.
Favorite Foods: I really enjoy all foods, but I guess as a little southern girl, Soul Food has a special place in my heart.
Pets: I have a sweet little kitty cat named Amy.... She has the most unique markings!
Crazy Adventures: My girlfriend and I had gone zip lining as soon as I graduated highschool. We got lost in the woods, because we had stepped back away from the group to have a little kiss session... hehe so while the rest of the group continued on, we were getting ou
Desired Location: I would love to live on the beach... But a nudie beach for sure!
Talents: Oh i have so many talents, but I guess one would be what I learned in band camp... :) That I can fit the entire length of a baton in my throat... Great not having gag reflexs
Perfect Mate: Would be someone really muscular. I want him to be able to man handle me at any time!
Perfect Date: My perfect date would have to be going out to a dinner and a movie... and enjoying a little oral fun during the movie... then maybe a little car fucking before you drop me off at home to my daddy.
Turn Ons: Oral sex, big thick cocks, teasing, sweet tasting cum, bisexual guys
Turn Offs: Quick guys, smokers, selfish lovers
Best Qualities: I am the sweetest girl you will ever know... and the fact that I always want to make sure you have a great time on our call EVERY time should be reason enough. I always like to make sure you get off each and every time!
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