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Are you Curious ? Jan 27, 2019
Are you Curious ?
Have you been thinking about having someone like myself for a long time ?  Wondering would it would feel like having a cock in your hand other than your own. I enjoy watching a man like yourself stroking my cock, making your hand go up and down the shaft and rubbing my balls a bit.  Watch him start to get hard in your hand, that’s it stroke a little tighter, a little faster. Then bend down bringing your mouth to the head of my cock, Johnny, and give him a big kiss…
Now let’s see how good you are at sucking cock…I need you to be a good little cocksucker…cum on, put his head in your mouth and suck on him…then run your tongue down the shaft to the balls and lick and lap those nice clean shaven balls…put them in your mouth and suck very lightly.  
So is it anything like you thought it would be ?  Is your cock getting hard ?  Want more ?  Want me to fuck you ?  Then call and let’s play…!!!
Frankie is waiting for you to make her phone ring…