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Barely Legal Phone Sex with Felicity! May 21, 2016

You are looking for a real young thing to enjoy some Barely Legal Phone Sex with aren't you?  Come call and play with me! We could have a hot little role play, just listen to my sweet young voice while I am on the phone with you. Think of my tight little body and all the dirty things you want to do with it! My flat little chest and bald little cunt just aching to be touched by a perverted old man like yourself. Teach me how to be a big girl. Teach me how to make all the boys and men real happy! I promise I will follow directions and do just as you tell me to do !

I can be anyone that you want me to in our Barely Legal Phone Sex call. I can be any age you want too. I guess that is why extreme age play has always been my strong suit. Let my young voice, and tight teen body satisfy you in ways you can only dream of! I can be your submissive little girl or your dirty little accomplice that helps you to kidnap young little sluts to molest!  You decide, I am willing, wanting and waiting! Yea I think the idea of molesting a little girl is making your cock rock hard!

I can bring home a friend of mine, who just so happens to be much younger. How does that sound? You can take her into your room and do whatever you want! I will help, of course! I will hold her down and even sit on her face so she doesn't make a peep! Are you stroking it yet? Becauses this fantasy will ONLY get better! I am begging you to corrupt me and teach me all of your evil ways. Use me just like I was made to be used. This is the true joy of Barely Legal Phone Sex!

Barely Legal Phone Sex with Teen Felicity!


A Teen Slut for Anything Goes Phone Sex May 18, 2016

When you close your eyes to imagine Anything Goes Phone Sex, what is it that you see? Do you see a innocent little teen at your door, trying to sell you tickets to the local high school football game? All dressed up in her cute, short Cheerleading uniform. It feels like she is teasing you, doesn't it? Like she is waving her barely legal body in front of you and saying "You Can't Have Me". But she is so innocent, so pure. You just have to have her!

So you ask her to come into your house while you grab your wallet. You never imagined that Anything Goes Phone Sex is going to feel so good! You have her sit on the couch while you dig for the money. But you don't have any intention on actually buying tickets. This is all a ploy to get her back into your bedroom. You tell her that you think you have some in your bedroom, so you go check but wait, you scream from your room. Telling her you have fallen, and she must come help. But as soon as she steps foot in your bedroom you tackle her onto your bed. Stuffing your hands up her skirt and feeling those white cotton panties. 

Fumbling with your pants, you have got to plunge into her... Make your dream of Teen Phone Sex come true. You feel your cock head pressing against her virgin cunt. You just slam it in as deep as it will go and hear her scream out in pain. You put your hand over her mouth as you pump your cock harder and faster into her. You are going to make her take your cum tonight. You are going to pump your load into a hot little piece of ass. You do, you feel your seed spilling into this little girl. You stand up and let her go, telling her if she says anything you will do it over and over again until she likes it... How does that sound for a hot fantasy to play out with me? I will make a great victim during our Anything Goes Phone Sex call!

Anything Goes Phone Sex with Teen Felicity!