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Does Size Matter? Mar 14, 2016

I had this guy ask me,"Does size matter?" And I always tell them it does,because it does to me and decided to the question a bit more by asking my friends. I didn’t want to be lying to you guys! Women front just like men do so I decided to ask them more intimately and the answer was still a unanimous , “YES!”

I then decided to browse google and see what some other answers were and stumbled upon this hilarious article on, called “Does size Matter to Women”.

Well, of course it doesn't, this article assures you.  Even four inches can compete!  Who the fuck are they trying to fool and who are those 800 women they claimed to have asked?  Were they all married to the same guy for the last 30 years and had a white wedding? What do you expect a MAN to say? Men who cannot even seem to use a measuring tape correctly when it comes to their dick?

Me on the Internet:

Courtney: Well how big is it?

Wanna be Suitor: Eight inches and thick.


My thoughts while performing on Suitor:

"man I cannot even gag myself on this"

Tell me where you buy that magical measuring tape?

I know exactly how big they are when I look at them, most of us, us being women, are just too polite to tell you. Tell me, if it did not matter why then do men have to lie, most only by an inch, but some by three or more! WTF, I may not be great at math but I can see!  I can feel! Trust me,  if it is eight inches I can surely feel it.

YES, size matters! 

If the shoe does not fit, do you buy it?

I will say quite honestly that I have been with a lot of men. I would not be surprised if that number could not compete with or surpass the number in this study specially made to make guys with little weenies feel all better, and I can tell you under six, for me is worthless. WORTHLESS. Anything under four I cannot feel, before you freak out look at a tampon.  A super, look at the size of that thing, what, three four inches, yeah?  And guess what?  It is designed so WE CANNOT FEEL IT. Designed by scientists, smarter than you, are telling me the average is penis size is 6 inches have determined what the average woman's vagina can and cannot feel so it is not me, it is you. In fact the last medical study I read said the average was 6.5.

Now, you might be feeling really insecure right now if you fall into that tiny group but there is HOPE. Not all vagina's are created equally either. I have talked to and been with enough women to determine this too.  Some are deeper, some are tighter they vary as much as penis size and it seems the shorter and smaller boned a woman is, the shallower and smaller her vagina. She is built for the little guys. Oh but wait! She she can also push a bowling ball out of that thing so there may not be any hope for you after all.

Some of you might be thinking, what a whore! She is so stretched out from screwing so much it is probably loose. Now, we both know that is the insignificant little guy talking because every man knows a woman's vagina is elastic.  Meaning it snaps right back. Even women who have given birth, after a couple months, that stuff gets all back in shape, heck it can even come back revolutionised, tighter and better if a woman does her kegels.  Kegels: top secret  pelvic floor exercises designed to turn your vagina into a multi-tasking instrument. Birth canal! Man pleaser! Can opener!  All in one! You can make it do tricks, trust me. It even does Julian fries.

Guys find a girl who fits so you will both be happy, stop lying to us. Gals, don't settle for smaller because you think it will be okay, "it is not that important".  It absolutely is.  It is detrimental to a healthy sex life and healthy sex life is HUGE part of an equally productive relationship. In every area of life we seek people who compliment us, fit us, so why is it, when it comes to such an important endowment in a partner, do we just accept it regardless of the fit?