We offer two options when creating your PSO account. Please read the detailed explanation shown in the “click for full details” link. We refer to these three options as “account types”.


The first option is Account Type 1 (AT1). It is for Independent PSO’s that have their own toll-free numbers. Those numbers will be pointed to our equipment whereby we answer the call, process the caller’s credit information and direct the call to either you or our back-up service – depending on your availability. You will also have Listings within our site showing your unique six-digit extension.


The next option is Account Type 3 (AT3). This is for PSO’s that do not have their own toll-free number. You will use our general toll-free number and you will be assigned a unique six-digit extension for each Listing you have. You can at any time add a toll-free number or even request one (free of charge) from us.


Please note: There is never a reason for you to create a second account within this site. Each account can have numerous Profiles; each with multiple Listings, each with the ability to do Direct Dial calls.  


It is prohibited to create a second account. If you need something changed within your account, please send us an email.