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Here are some key points for AdultPhonePal


·        You can create ten Profiles (personas) on APP, each with multiple Listings (categories)

o       Each Listing can display elaborate, customized html that you provide, or you can simply use our classic Basic View.

·        The Profile View is comprehensive, and includes your detailed Profile information as well as your Photo Albums and all of your Listings.

·        View your comprehensive statistics, with filtering for each Profile, Listing, Sale Item and Tribute

·        We will supply you with your own toll-free number to advertise yourself with.

·        You can ‘Reply To’ any Comments about you

·        You get the benefits of an all-encompassing Affiliate Program

o       Paying you 10% lifetime rev-share on all transactions!

o       Wide-ranging linking tools

o       Tracking codes to let you know which links convert best

·        On-site Blogging

·        Site-wide Store for your Sale Items, as well as your own personal Store

·        We provide a live video-streaming solution if you offer webcam

·        Keeping in touch with your customers has never been easier!

o       We offer a comprehensive section for you to completely manage your customers, as well as a fully loaded Mail Center

·        The Mail Center easily allows you to send emails to customers including Pay-to-View Sale Items, Payment Requests, and Free (minute) Offers

o       These Free Offers are a “matching minute” promotion; for example, if you offer 5 free minutes to a customer; they will receive up to 5 free minutes for each minute for which they paid

·        APP Notifier

o       Be notified of incoming calls, Tributes, and Store sales as soon as they occur –without even being logged in. And - you will know who is calling you and what they are looking for before you even pick up the phone!

·        No need for a “Call Manager” here, it’s already built in! When one of your Listings is busy, they are all busy. And when you sign on, all your Listings are available

·        Forum

o       A special place for all of the PSO’s of AdultPhonePal to come together, share ideas, or just chat-chat.



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