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You won’t miss another call – EVER.




We offer you:


The Over Flow Calls:




The above is a summary for our Direct Dial solution for Independent PSO’s.

But – there is so MUCH MORE you can do with AdultPhonePal!


MORE GREAT FEATURES Built-In for YOU on AdultPhonePal …


·        Each of your Direct Dial numbers will have a Profile (persona) on APP, each with multiple Listings (categories)

o       Each Listing can display elaborate, customized html that you provide, or you can simply use our classic Basic View.

·        The Profile View is comprehensive, and includes your detailed profile information as well as your Photo Albums and all of your Listings.

·        View your comprehensive statistics, with filtering for each Profile, Listing, Direct Dial, Sale Item and Tribute

·        You can ‘Reply To’ any Comments about you.

·        You get the benefits of an all-encompassing Affiliate Program

o       Paying you 10% lifetime rev-share on all transactions!

o       Wide-ranging linking tools

o       Tracking codes to let you know which links convert best

·        On-site Blogging

·        Site-wide Store for your Sale Items, as well as your own personal Store

·        We provide a live-video streaming solution if you offer webcams.

·        Keeping in touch with your customers has never been easier!

o       We offer a comprehensive section for you to completely manage your customers, as well as a fully loaded Mail Center

·        The Mail Center easily allows you to send emails to customers including Pay-to-View Sale Items, Payment Requests, and Free (minute) Offers.

o       These Free Offers are a “matching minute” promotion; for example, if you offer 5 free minutes to a customer; they will receive up to 5 free minutes for each minute for which they paid for.

·        APP Notifier

o       Be notified of incoming calls, Tributes, and Store sales as soon as they occur –without even being logged in. You will know who is calling you and what they are looking for before you even pick up the phone.

·        Your Direct Dial status allows you to access all of these features in one, easy-to-manage account. Sign on via the web, phone or with our APP Notifier, and all your accounts are available.

o       No need for a “Call Manager” here, it’s already built in! When your Direct Dial line is busy, all of your Listings are busy and vice-versa.

·        Forum

o       A special place for all of the PSO’s of AdultPhonePal to come together, share ideas, or just chat-chat.



Getting started is EASY!