How do I receive the free $7?

If you are new to AdultPhonePal, your account will be credited with $7 the first time you initiate a call. This works whether you call us using the 888 PHONEPAL number or by clicking the Call Now button whereby that Operator will call you. This promotion does not apply to the Australia or United Kingdom toll free numbers nor does it apply to the United Kingdom premium 0909 number.  If you cannot use the 888 PHONEPAL number, you must use the Call Now button to receive the $7 promotion. Please note: you do not have to add funds to your account to receive this promotion but this promotion is only available to new callers to AdultPhonePal that have registered on this website.


Do I need to register online to make a call or can I just call the number shown on the site?

No, you do not need to register online. You can simply call the toll free number displayed and enter the extension of the Operator you wish to speak to. Or, you can click the Call Now button and enter your telephone number for them to call you. However, to fully enjoy all the benefits of AdultPhonePal, you should consider registering online.


How do I register?

Registration is quick, easy, free and secure.

1.       Create a Username and Password

2.       Select your calling Region. We ask this so that we can display the correct

toll free number for you throughout the site, which changes depending on your location.

3.       Enter or create your PIN. When you initiate a call using your telephone, we will ask you to enter your PIN. A PIN is a unique number that you would easily remember. We link this number to your credit card so you can easily access the Service without the hassle of entering your credit card. This online step connects your telephone PIN to your online account.


When I do a call, what will I hear?

When you call us or when we call you, you will be instructed to either enter your PIN (if you are an existing customer) or enter your credit card. Once inside, you will hear a comprehensive menu offering you everything you need for a enjoyable experience. At any time you can press the star key to return to our menu where you can make another option.

Option 1: Enter the extension of the Phone Pal you wish to speak with. The price is based on that person’s price per minute

Option 2: Listen to your online Favorites. If you have added favorites, this option will tell you which ones are currently online

Option 3: Listen to the voice greetings of online Phone Pals at $2 per minute

Option 4: Select a Phone Pal based on your category selection at $2 per minute.

Option 5: Select a Fetish Girl at $2 per minute

Option 6: Select a recorded sex story from one of eight categories at 69¢ per minute

Option 7: Listen to recorded actual sex calls at 99¢ per minute

Option 8: Choose from two date and chat lines where you can talk to amateur girls from right next door or from around the country at 99¢ per minute

Option 0: Listen to your online balance or add funds

Remember you can always press the star key to return to the menu where you can make another selection.


How do I make a call?

We offer two ways for you to call!

1.       You can call the toll free number shown on the website and enter the Operators unique six-digit extension

2.       You can click the “Call Now” button and that Operator will call you.

a.       If you are outside of North America, you will first need to register online and verify you telephone number to use the “Call Now” feature.

                                                               i.      To register your telephone number: from the Menu bar, click Account > Setting then Verify > Manage my Telephone Number.

                                                             ii.      Enter your telephone number, select the Destination and Description. Then click Continue and following the instructions

                                                            iii.      For some countries, there will be an additional per minute cost – which will clearly be shown.


What is my PIN (number) and how is it used?

Whether you register online or over the phone, we will ask you to create a 14-digit PIN. This should be a number that you would easily remember such as your 10-digit telephone number followed by four-digits of your choice. Use this (easily remembered) number in place of entering your credit card each time you call. When you are logged in to this website, your PIN will be partly displayed in the upper right hand corner as a reminder. It will also be shown in the Account > Setting section.

The PIN is not required when you use the Call Now button but we do ask you to enter it via the telephone. When you call any of our telephone numbers, we state, “…existing callers press 1 and new callers press 2…” If you press ‘1’, we would ask you to enter your PIN. If you press ‘2’, we would ask you to enter your credit card. In case you don’t remember your PIN, you can simply press ‘2’ to enter your credit card.


Do I have to buy a block of time to do a call, or can I use my credit card for just one call.

You can use your credit card to purchase one call only. Please note when purchasing just the one call, we must ‘preauthorize” you credit card with your bank for $40 to ensure you have funds available. Once your call is complete and we know how much you spent, we will “post-authorize” the exact amount. This will result in a temporary charge or “pending” transaction when viewing your online statement. That pending charge may appear on your account for 24 hours until your bank updates it to reflect the actual charged amount.


If you do purchase a block of time, any unused minutes will remain in your account for future purchases.


I am outside the United States and cannot dial the 888 PHONE PAL toll free number. Are there any other numbers I can dial?

North America: 888 PHONEPAL (888-746-6372)

Australia: 1800625254 – An addition cost of 15¢ per talk minute will be added to cover the cost of this toll free number

United Kingdom: 08000159737 - An addition cost of 10¢ per talk minute will be added to cover the cost of this toll free number


Alternately, you can always dial us using Skype.


Additionally, in the United Kingdom, you can bill the charges to your phone bill by dialing 0983 939 2200 - this is a ‘premium number’ and is billed to your telephone. If a Performer has this symbol   , they are offering this service

I am not in a country listed above; do you have a number for me to call?

Yes, you can dial 484-928-1535. This is a local call to the United States. Please remember to dial the appropriate country code to the United States.


If you have additional questions or comments please send them to: