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CEI Phone Sex Aug 11, 2017

Have you ever been curious about what cum tastes like? Maybe you wonder about it because you're dreaming of sucking cock and you know that's part of the deal. But let me tell you - you really need to taste your own before you go down on a guy. You want to be used to the taste of it so you don't start gagging when he starts shooting his load in your mouth. That's why you need to call me for CEI phone sex. That's cum eating instructions for those of you who don't know.

I know you're probably nervous to try cum eating since you've never done it, but don't worry. Just take a little taste at first. When your cock starts to leak pre-cum, just scoop up a little. Lick it off the tip of your finger. See, that's not so bad, is it? The pre-cum isn't going to taste exactly like your load will and the texture won't be the same, but you are going to be able to get a pretty good idea of what it's going to be like.

Maybe we can even mix in some guided masturbation with your cum eating instructions. I can tell you exactly how to stroke your cock and then exactly how to eat it. I think that sounds like a really great way to spend some one on one time over the phone, don't you? And I know I'm not giving you a lot of detail right now, but I think that would be best left for the phone. I want you to not know what's coming or when it's coming - you won't even know when you're going to be coming.

You should call me now for CEI phone sex so we can get the ball rolling. Remember - you won't know if you like it until you try. So call me and try!

Princess Pandora

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JOI Phone Sex May 29, 2017

Have you been fantasizing about what it would be like to have a sexy woman like me tell you how to masturbate? You have definitely ended up in the right place. One of my favorite things in the world is JOI phone sex. You get what you want and I get to do something I love, too. Telling men what to do is high up on my list of favorite things. Let's be honest – most of you need to be told what to do because you're helpless, so JOI fun will work out for both of us.

The first thing you need to know about JOI phone sex with me is that you're going to need to follow my instructions totally. No deviation. You don't get to do anything you want to do. You don't get to choose anything during this call. You will listen to me and follow my directions explicitly or it just won't work. So, when you call me, I want you to be fully clothed. I want you to wait to take your clothes off until I tell you to do so. And you, under no circumstances, are to touch your cock until I tell you that you are allowed to. If you touch it before I allow you to, that's not going to be good for you. If you do that and expect to be allowed to cum, then you're in for a rude awakening. But if you follow my instructions and are a really good boy, I promise you'll be rewarded. All you have to do is learn to listen and do what you're told. That doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Are you ready to indulge in JOI phone sex with a pretty phone sex princess? I am ready and more than willing to give you instruction. Just pick up the phone and call me. I'll be waiting for your call.

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SPH Phone Sex Jan 05, 2017

You know why your wife has turned you into a cuckold husband, right? I'm sure you do, but just in case you haven't figured it out yet, it's because you have one of the smallest dicks the world has ever seen. I mean, seriously. Look at that thing. It's a micro dick. The only thing it's good for is SPH phone sex.

You are lucky that your wife even married you. You should thank your lucky stars every day that she stays with you even though you can't satisfy her. The only reason she stays with you is because she likes the life you provide. But your tiny dick has left her sexually unsatisfied and that's why she goes out and screws other men all the time. Not just any men – she loves being fuck by those big black cocks. You didn't have a chance of ever having sex with her again anyway, but if you did, the minute she felt a black cock inside her, all your chances went right out the window.

Do you get a little upset when she is out and you know what she's doing? That's when you need to call me for SPH phone sex. I love humiliating losers with teeny tiny dicks like yours. I love reminding you of the fact that you will never again feel a woman's pussy wrapped around your cock. But let's be real here – could you ever even feel it when a woman agreed to let you fuck her? Probably not. I am sure everyone you've ever had sex with has faked it so you wouldn't feel bad about yourself. I'm glad your wife has stopped doing that. A man with a tiny nub like yours doesn't even deserve to feel good about himself.



Sissy Phone Sex Jun 27, 2016

I’m standing behind you in line at a store that is known for selling sexy lingerie. You have your hands full of stuff and you are looking really nervous. I hope that you don’t think you’re in any way hiding the fact that those panties, bras, and stockings are for you. I can spot a sissy phone sex lover from a mile away. And do you see those sales girls over there giggling and whispering to each other? I’m sure that they know what you’re going to do with that lingerie. They know you’re going to take it home, put it on, and then fuck yourself with a big fat dildo. Even though you’re trying to hide what you’re doing on your little shopping trip, you really do know that you aren’t and that makes that tiny sissy dick hard as a rock, doesn’t it?

Once you get home with it, are you going to put something on right away or are you going to lay everything out on the bed and try to decide what would make you feel sexiest in that moment? Will you prance around in front of the mirror after you’re all dressed up, or will you go straight for your dildo and fuck that sissy pussy until your little dick dribbles that cum right into your panties?

Or maybe you want to get all dressed up and invite a special friend over so you can suck his cock and then bend over and let him give you a nice hard fucking. Do you like it when his cock throbs in your mouth right before he shoots his load down your throat? Or do you maybe prefer to feel it shoot deep inside you. Either way, I think that both you and your special friend will be happy.

Call me for sissy phone sex and let’s talk about getting you all dressed up and fucked hard. I’ll be waiting for you!


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Sissy Phone Sex Jun 08, 2016

I love it when I get a sissy phone sex call. They're so much fun and they keep me really entertained in so many ways. But my favorite kind of sissy is a new one who hasn't gotten very far into the sissy transformation process yet. I want to have a hand in the process!

So, yeah... maybe you are reading this right now and you are wearing panties but you have no idea where to go from there. It can be a bit daunting and that's what I'm here for. I'll help you with where to go shopping to get super cute lingerie. I'll tell you all of my best makeup tips. It will be like having your own personal sissy trainer. It won't be an overnight process, but I promise to be here all along the way.

And about turning you into a slut... I mean that, too. It's one thing to get all dressed up and look hot, but then what are you going to do after that? I think the only logical thing is to become the slut you were always meant to be. You were born to be a cock sucking sissy slut and I'm ready to help you realize your destiny. If you've never sucked a cock before, you're going to need a little bit of instruction before you get turned loose on a real dick. That's what dildos are for. Chances are, you've already been fucking your sissy ass with one, so that probably won't even be a problem. But if you haven't, I'll train your ass, too.

I think you should call me now for your sissy phone sex training. The sooner we get started, the sooner you can be living the life you've always wanted to live. You'll be the happiest cum loving, panty wearing sissy slut that ever lived.


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Cuckold Phone Sex Jun 01, 2016

I have had some of the worst luck throughout my life with inadvertently dating men with small dicks. One time this guy pulled his pants down and I'm not even kidding - his dick was barely three inches. I was so over it and I started laughing uncontrollably. I didn't care at all if it hurt his feelings. What about MY feelings? Why would a man even subject someone he supposedly cared about to something that small? So that's how I got into cuckolding in my real life and then, of course, it led to cuckold phone sex adventures.

Listen, I get it - you can't help the dick you were born with, but that doesn't make it any less pathetic. If you expect that I will have mercy on you when you call me, think again. I'm not going to aid you in your delusions of thinking that your shrimpy dick is good enough. I can't let you go around pretending like that ridiculous thing is ever going to please a woman.

As you can probably imagine since you know that I'm into cuckold phone sex is that I love big black cocks. And you, my tiny dicked bitch, are going to learn to suck them and get them ready for me. You owe me that much. Why? Because of that teeny tiny dick you've been cursed with. Then you're going to get to watch him stretch me out and do things to me with his BBC that you're never going to be able to do. You will never even get the chance. And if you are lucky, once he's done with me, you'll get to crawl over to me on your knees and be my clean up boy. I think that sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon, don't you? Call me for cuckold phone sex and let me teach you what you were really born to be.



Phone sex Sissy Fun Apr 11, 2016

Did you bring your own silky satin panties to play in today sissy, or will you be raiding my panty pile for some sexy pairs? Don't worry I got a variety of matching dildos to go with the panties you'll be wearing today my new little phone sex sissy pet.

I love playing with phone sex sissy boys & getting them all pretty and girly and being feminine. Sometimes I'll even get out my big pink strap-on for them to practice their cock kissing sissy skills! After I get done fucking a sissyboys mouth, sometimes I decide to turn them around and fuck their boycunt until they blow their cum all over themselves. I make the sissy eat their own load right off of my sexy finger tips when I'm deep inside their boypussy!
It will be fun for you sissy because you can shed your everyday clothes (stuffy business suits yuk!) and put on something that makes you look on the outside just as pretty as you feel on the inside, and then I'll finish things when putting something inside your ass to make you feel as girly as you can get!

x. 260180

Sissy Feminization Phone Sex Apr 07, 2016

I have lots of guys who call me who say they will do anything to serve me, to please me, & to push their limits, to make them girly just like me!

Well, it's good that I have tons of outfits, panties and articles of sexy, silky and girly clothing to feminize you.

If you have a particular outfit you want to get dressed in, or some sexy heels, or even a big fat dildo you want to sit down on, have it ready so we can have more fun when I start pushing some of those boundaries & limits you say you have.

You and your ass won't have any boundaries or limits when I get done with you. I'm ready for some thrilling phone sex sissy fun tonight, aren't you?



CEI phone Sex Apr 05, 2016

I bet your dick started to tingle when you read the title didn't it. You've been wanting to experience something a little new, and a little kinky, but not too kinky. You want to taste your cum, but your afraid of taking the next step. That's where I come in to help, and I love to help guys in the cum eating experience with cei phone sex.
Once you become entranced with my sweet voice, and sweet words of encouragement in stroking your cock to a satisfying climax, well, you know whats coming next with cei right? You're going to take that yummy load you sprayed on yourself, and you're going to eat it like a greedy little piggy, you're going to eat every last drop because I say so.
Now be a good obedient phone sex boy and call me for a thrilling and delicious cei phone sex experience.

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JOI Coed Phone Sex Mar 25, 2016

Hey there dirty jerk off boys! Are you ready for me to guide & instruct you to pull your pud, beat your meat, slap the sausage, or whatever you call jerking off? Well having me tell you how to stroke your dick is super easy! I love giving you instructions on how to stroke your cock, and having your week long worries just melt away with your stroking.. I'm a great joi phone sex instructor, and I will guide you all the way to a happy ending just with my sweet seductive voice.

Beat your meat with me, and just call me!


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