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Black Mandingo Cum Jul 20, 2014
It's Sunday the 20th of August,I really hope you guys read this soon, I mean I'm  reaming with excitement and my pussy is literally throbbing right now 8 hours later. When  I blog here it takes days for it to post so who knows when you will read this. Just know one thing. There is Black Mandingo Cum Dripping out of my Cunt right now. Last night I went to a Mandingo Party up in the Hollywood Hills and it was full of big black cock. Non of them were smaller than 9 inches. The people who put these parties on have very strict rules about all of this. The husbands and wives invited expect to get fucked hard and rough by a mandingo warrior cock. I went with a long time friend of mine. He's 50 now and I'm 26. He has known me since I was 15 and has played with my sweet pussy ever since and shown me a more kinkier side of life. Of course he has money so well....he gets invited to all the "cool" parties. 

If you want to know more or need to talk about what your kinks are. You know what to do. 

New here but not new to the Game! Jul 10, 2014
That's right. I've been doing this awhile and I'm not a moaner guys. Sorry. I get deep into your kink and fetish and take you there. I go there with you and play and enjoy all of the cum we produce. I can't help it that I'm sexually smart and gifted when it comes to fetish knowledge. I'm Rebecca. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere!