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All that Jazz and Jizz Oct 14, 2015

I love going to the jazz club downtown. I have several reasons...

First off of course, is just the great music. Something about that music, feeling the vibrations of it go throughout my body. Makes my pussy so sensitive and aware...

Second, is that my pussy will be seeking out big black cock. Jazz is better than the best aphrodisiac. I always find my hand traveling down under my dress. I just have to rub that clit. Oh, how it throbs!

White guys will often hit on me at the club, but they get turned down quickly if they think they will get to poke me. Why would I let a white guy poke, when there are so much bigger and better cocks all around? So many handsome black men who talk with voices just as smooth as the jazz. Large bulges in their pants showing me that they want some of that lily white pussy of mine. Of course, I want them!

I always get to take home some wonderful black cock. I love how black guys, especially musicians, know just what a women wants. We want a guy who has stamina. Jazz musicians have stamina. They know how to improvise as well. I love a guy who can improvise! White guys want a set of instructions from you. Black guys can figure out exactly what I want and need. They give it strong, hard, and without missing a beat.

Once in a while, I will let a white guy friend watch. I love being on exhibit while a black cock plows deep into me as I beg for more. I am the instrument of black men. They know how to play...and to fill me up with all that wonderful jizz. BBC is just what I need.

Emma (ext 539894)