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888 746 6372
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  • North America: 888 PHONEPAL (888-746-6372)
  • Australia: 1800625254 – An addition cost of 15¢ per talk minute will be added to cover the cost of this toll free number.
  • United Kingdom: 08000159737 - An addition cost of 10¢ per talk minute will be added to cover the cost of this toll free number.
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  • In the United Kingdom dial 0983 909 2200
Caller cost: £1.53 per minute VAT included from BT phones (plus network extras)
Other Networks (fixed and mobile) may charge a higher cost
Maximum line of communication: 19 min
The end-user should be the one who pays the bill or should have received a prior authorization before from the person who will pay the bill
The service is only for people over 18
Services offered by "KT Communications, Inc."
Customer Support number 0845 050 4380
All details of the call will appear in the phone bill
Gender Female
I Prefer Guys
Age 34
Race White
Body Type Curvaceous
Cup Size D+
Hair Shaved
Eyes Hazel
Height 5' 6"
Zodiac Scorpio
More about me
Think about it. You, on your knees kneeling before me. I'm wearing a tight black dress. You can smell my perfume and the sweet smell of sex. I'm slapping a big black cock strap-on in my hand. Will I make you suck it? Hmmm... Think about all the possibilities. NOW CALL ME!
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You're Just a Toy Little Bitch Boy
Fetish/Fem Dommes
You're such a little bitch boy. There are so many things you need to learn as the littl...
888 Phone Pal x 590567
$1.65 pm
Feel My Feet Upon Your Face
Fetish/Foot Fetish
I know you'll love my gorgeous feet all over your face. You may lick them and suck on m...
888 Phone Pal x 503331
$2.50 pm
Put On These Pretty Panties, We're Going for a Wild ...
I've got a whole closet full of sissy clothes for you to wear. Imagine dressing in pant...
888 Phone Pal x 116532
$2.50 pm
I Love Raping Your Wallet
Fetish/Financial Dom
I get a kick out of raping your wallet. It humors me. It excites me. It makes me wet th...
888 Phone Pal x 433628
$5.99 pm
I LOVE Laughing at You!
You'll never size up to what I need and that is why you're such the little loser in my ...
888 Phone Pal x 367372
$2.50 pm
Cuckolding You With the Big Black Cock
Imagine that Big Black Cock spreading your lips apart while I'm telling you how you're ...
888 Phone Pal x 329948
$2.25 pm
Interests: Humiliating men
Profession: IT
Favorite Movies: Action, sci-fi
Favorite Foods: Chinese, pizza, Italian
Pets: A yorkie
Crazy Adventures: LOL yeah
Desired Location: Where I live now.
Talents: Many
Perfect Mate: Big, black, successful. Oh, I already have one.
Perfect Date: At the next presidential election when Obama is gone.
Turn Ons: Masculinity, cleanliness, money.
Turn Offs: little dicks, broke men, sloppy men
Best Qualities: If you're calling for phone sex then you're probably a cocksucker. I love to tell you how.
You are the cuckold maid at my party
You can now serve me just like you wanted to. Be my cuckold for the night and dress up ...
$15.00 View Comments
My BBC and I Fucked Your Wife Last Night
Listen to how we used your wife (or girlfriend) as a cocksucking cuckoldress. My Big Bl...
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I'm a Ball Busting Bitch with a Strap-On
What can happen when you try to kiss a beautiful woman who has on a nice pair of heels ...
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Chores Before Cocksucking
Every time I come home you are there on your knees sucking dick. Do you know what? From...
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