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888 Phone Pal
888 746 6372
Toll-free numbers
  • North America: 888 PHONEPAL (888-746-6372)
  • Australia: 1800625254 – An addition cost of 15¢ per talk minute will be added to cover the cost of this toll free number.
  • United Kingdom: 08000159737 - An addition cost of 10¢ per talk minute will be added to cover the cost of this toll free number.
Premium numbers billed to your phone
  • In the United Kingdom dial 0983 909 2200
Caller cost: £1.53 per minute VAT included from BT phones (plus network extras)
Other Networks (fixed and mobile) may charge a higher cost
Maximum line of communication: 19 min
The end-user should be the one who pays the bill or should have received a prior authorization before from the person who will pay the bill
The service is only for people over 18
Services offered by "KT Communications, Inc."
Customer Support number 0845 050 4380
All details of the call will appear in the phone bill
Gender Female
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Are you into things that may seem weird to most people? Then I'm the one you should talk to. I love pervs, crossdressers, sissies and out of the ordinary stuff... you know... the stuff you like ;-) I love it when you do Humiliating Pervy Things. It is SO Entertaining For Me : ) Are you a little Cum Eater? Eat your Own Cum for Me! I Love Watching Cum Eaters on Cam.
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Sissys, Cum Eaters, Public Masturbation, Role Plays
Anything Goes
Are you an exhibitionist? Call Me from those forbidden places so I can Encourage you je...
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