Milkmaid Ménage á Trois - Chapter 3
by WildKat
Oh yes....I lingered over those two luscious cocks, wrapping my mouth around each, taking turns with them, my hands around them stroking slowly using the saliva I'd drenched them with to slide up and down... Clamping down on Cody's stiff dick with my whole mouth, I took him deeper still, fee...
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Wet and Waiting
by WildKat
I am a honey who has always loved playing with herself and as often as possible! I began my journey of self discovery very early in life, inventing exciting scenarios I played out to get my little pussy juicing and gushing! My vivid imagination and active fantasy life is the reason my snug cunt is a...
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Teasing Time
by WildKat
I love to draw out your orgasm and bring you to the point of cumming in my dripping mouth then pull away just as you're clamoring for release! There is nothing more erotic to me than seeing your thick stud cock swollen with longing, jumping and lifting in arcs toward my open mouth when I won'...
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Black Mandingo Cum
by Taboo Fetish Therapist
It's Sunday the 20th of August,I really hope you guys read this soon, I mean I'm reaming with excitement and my pussy is literally throbbing right now 8 hours later. When I blog here it takes days for it to post so who knows when you will read this. Just know one thing. There is Black Mand...
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Naughty Girl Next Door
by Sexy Jennifer
I have so many naughty fantasies and I really wish I could find a very kinky guy to explore those fantasies with. Someone to talk to about the darkest of my secrets. Like how I secretly have a crush on the neighbor next door. He is older than my father though and I admit there is something so hot ab...
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All that Jazz and Jizz
by Toy for BBC
I love going to the jazz club downtown. I have several reasons...First off of course, is just the great music. Something about that music, feeling the vibrations of it go throughout my body. Makes my pussy so sensitive and aware...Second, is that my pussy will be seeking out big black cock. Jazz is ...
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Juicy Babe No Limit Fantasy
by Anal Angela
The most erotic phone sex is with a guy who's new to experimenting with this fantasy play and he's got a Big Juicy Babe on his mind. One with curves and hips, to worship, separate that ass and finger...then bend over, penetrate and ride.... Phone sex with a Mature Big Babe like me is imagin...
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Daddy s Girl
by Princess Anabelle
I had a great day today. I was at the mall and there was this older man about say 45 or so checking me out. He kept looking at me and I was flirting and acting as sexy as I could. Well the next thing I know we are back at his place and he is ramming me with his 10 inches of man stick. IT WAS GREAT. ...
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A Teen Slut for Anything Goes Phone Sex
by Family Fun Teen Felicity
When you close your eyes to imagine Anything Goes Phone Sex, what is it that you see? Do you see a innocent little teen at your door, trying to sell you tickets to the local high school football game? All dressed up in her cute, short Cheerleading uniform. It feels like she is teasing you, doesn'...
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Barely Legal Phone Sex with Felicity!
by Family Fun Teen Felicity
You are looking for a real young thing to enjoy some Barely Legal Phone Sex with aren't you? Come call and play with me! We could have a hot little role play, just listen to my sweet young voice while I am on the phone with you. Think of my tight little body and all the dirty things you want to...
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