Whats going on out there??
by Fire Red Cherry Blossom
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Nurse Hot Head Handles Horny Mom
by AppleGoddess
Ok – I’m looking for new additions as your #1 Fan, so I am posting a true story from today in my clinic and I’ll try to keep it brief.So this afternoon, in my clinic, a hot and horny mommy comes in. She’s got an agenda and an issue with the hygiene of the youngest of her brood. At first, she tells ...
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Daddys Princess
by Princess Jordan
Hi Guys, and Sugar Daddy’s. It’s me, your naughty, Taboo Princess Jordan. Today is the first time I felt butterflies in my belly. I had just finished my bath and was drying off when I saw myself in the mirror. I couldn’t help but stare. My body looked just like those pretty girls in my Daddy’s maga...
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I am a horny nympho
by Afeea
I am a horny nympho that loves cock and can't get enough of it!taking your cock to the back of my throat and giving you the best blow job that you have ever had. I really love having my pussy eaten and I do enjoy having my ass fucked,teased and licked. Watch me slide my fingers down between my l...
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Financial Domination
by Findomme Stephanie
Well here you are again I see you have no choice. Did you got the money I asked for? GOOD! I am a Spoiled Financial Domme Seeking Moneyslaves: I am a demanding spoiled Bitch and you are a weak begging wallet. I demand complete control. I will own your mind, wallet and cock. Your job is to work hard ...
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Are you Curious ?
by Frankie
Are you Curious ?Have you been thinking about having someone like myself for a long time ? Wondering would it would feel like having a cock in your hand other than your own. I enjoy watching a man like yourself stroking my cock, making your hand go up and down the shaft and rubbing my balls a bit. ...
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When In Doubt Suck A Dick
by Savannah Ginger
Cuckolding fantasies and cocksucking role plays are becoming more and more common place, and the majority of my callers do adore having a dick in their mouth, maybe more than they would openly admit outside of phone sex. But I do still get the guys who - when they call - hem and haw, and can't o...
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Forced Orgasms And Drained Balls
by Naughty Roxy
So many femdom fantasies involve orgasm denial, but not nearly enough on the subject of forced masturbation or coerced orgasms. Meaning you have to masturbate until you cum, or you're forced until you cum, and then disallowed to stop. Imagine how drained your balls would be if you had one forced...
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Sensual Domination to stimulate all of your senses
by Avery
When I have control you will drool over my sexy body I will be your one and only hot cock tease I love making you throb and ache for me and linger over every move I make.You will love watching my fine ass shaking back and forth teasing you You will be craving me at all hours of the night, un...
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Cuckolding is the New Relationship
by Cuckolding Princess
Have you been dying to see your wife get fucked by another man, but you're too afraid to ask her to do it? Cuckolding is the latest craze of the past two decades and people are finally catching on--especially because some men just aren't man enough for their wives.Sure, there are those who w...
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